We're looking for some friends.

Step up for our students and let 'em know you care.

Here's your chance to stand next to all your friends and neighbors who support the great things being done at Harrison Community Schools. Make your voice heard, Hornet Nation!

Here's Who's In:

Jeanne Alley
Michelle Ambrozaitis
Andrea Andera
Raymond Andreotti
Jan Ashcroft
Joe Ashcroft
Joe Ashcroft Jr.
Joni Ashcroft
Kelsey Bacon
Jamie Badour
Lisa Beavers
Ronni Beckwith
Karen Bobzien
Sherrie Booms
Teresa Booms
Lauren Boulton
Kay Brandt
Nichole Carlstrom
Stacy Carlstrom
Becky Cavanagh
Susan Clark
Iris Cole
Jim Cooper
Lisa Cooper
Mary Cooper
Stephanie Cooper
Dionne Coughlin
Angie Cullen
Tom Cullen
John Curns
Lacie Curns
Michelle Dennis
Rachel Dresser
Kassie Dunn
Dan Durga
Karen Fairbanks
Christi Fillhard
Mike Fillhard
Kim Foote
Rick Foote
Gina Forster
George Gallo
Kari Gallo
Kathryn Gallo
Andrew Gardella
Laura Gardella
Andrea Gengler
Amy Gillespie
Benjamen Good
Trisha Graves
Ashley Green
Betheny Green
Doug Green
Amanda Grunas
Marcia Haley
Mick Haley
Tammy Harcourt
Jean Hardy
Pat Harris
Richard Harris
Amanda Harton
Denise Haskin
Chad Hathcock
Kay Hauck
Barbara Hawkins
Lauren Heath
Chadwick Heber
Lindsay Heber
Barbara Hecker
Wendy Heinig
Trisha Heintz
Kasie Hendrickson
Barb Henry
Lorie Hewitt
Lori Hopkins
Cathy House
Tom House
Dawn Howey
Jeannie Jackson
Julie Jackson
Naomi Jacot
Heather Jensen
Deb Kaiser
Taylor Keel
Angela Kellogg
Sarah Kennedy
Katie Kenny
Elizabeth Kindermann
Michael Kirby
Ginny Krawczynski
Lisa Kreider
Sherri laFeve
Mary Latunski
Bruce Laubon
Kathy Laubon
Tammie Lewis
Christina Linton
Michael Long
Megan Loomis
Tracy Lubs
Eric Mathews
Nicole Mathews
Niki Harcourt-Mathews
Nancy Wyckoff-Mawhorter
Andrea McCrary
Tracey Merillat
Colleen Millard
Susan Morse
Mary Oakley
Liz Osterloh
Roger Peterson
Kelly Pieprzyk
Judy Pomerville
Renee Pratt
Sandra Ramirez
Jan Ranck
Brian Ransom
Amy Romanowski
Julie Rosekrans
Marie Roth
Jan Russell
Kate Russell
Sam Russell
Jamie Rybinski
Mashelle Sager
Elly Saxton
Christie Seefeld
Andrea Shirey
Juli Sian
Jessica Singleton
Jennifer Sizemore
Jeremy Smith
Mark Smith
Anthony Taylor
Kelly Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Krystal Tiltman
Betsy Ulicki
Brandy VanDenbrook
Heather Vereb
Pauline Walsh
Linda Warren
Tom Warren
Holly Hansen-Watson
Jason Wentworth
Carrie Whitaker
Barbara Williams
Chris Williams
Jeremy Williams
Tara Williams
Alisa Winters
Diane Wood
Jackie Woolston
Joel Woolston
Kim Wynne
Krystle Yancer
Hope Young

Here's why they're in:

Bruce Laubon: "It's been a long time coming. Our community deserves this. A school system is a showcase of that community and this will again be our showcase."

Angela Kellogg: "Our children and educators deserve a safe place to learn and work."

Nicole Mathews: "Being a Harrison alumni myself, and as of this coming fall having four children attending Harrison Community Schools, we need this. It's time to update the schools and secure our children's and facilities' safety. It's been a long time coming."

Teresa Booms: "This is an investment in our future and our children deserve the best we can give them."

Kathy Laubon: "Our students and educators deserve to have updated facilities and a safe learning environment."

Jessica Singleton: "This would greatly improve the students' full potential and help them feel proud to be Harrison students."

Michelle Ambrozaitis: "It is time to invest in our children. It is time to provide them and those who teach them with a safe and up-to-date learning environment."

Gina Forster: "I am the proud parent of 2 Harrison graduates and 2 current students. I am excited for the future of Harrison Schools."

Sherrie Booms: "This is going to help our schools and help our kids be safer."

Roger Peterson: "We as a school district can not afford to keep taking money out of the general fund to make all the repairs that the buildings need every year. The buildings are outdated and need to be upgraded for today's technology in order to give our students the best possible education if they are to succeed in life. Every dollar taken for repairs means less dollars for education."

Liz Osterloh: "This is our children's future. If this was any other work or educational environment, we would expect things to be kept up to date and in efficient condition. Why not our K-12 schools also? I'm behind it 100%."

Chad Hathcock: "Now is the time, Hornet Nation. Please come out and vote YES on May 2."

Kathryn Gallo: "Our kids need this!"

Elizabeth Kindermann: "A community invested in its children will always be a strong community! We have local control over OUR schools, and the CHOICE is ours to make. Let's invest in our children!"

Wendy Heinig: "A healthy working environment for educators makes for a healthy and happy learning environment for our students. I'm so happy to support the district in making sure our students have all the tools necessary to be successful."

Andrea Andera: "I'm proud to be a part of Hornet Nation, and want the children to also have pride in where they spend a bulk of their time. They deserve updated facilities to help improve their learning environment."

Michelle Dennis: "I get to see first hand how hard our school district cares for their students. Our students deserve a place to learn that is safe and offers the greatest opportunities for learning."

Becky Cavanagh: "This is a change our schools really needs. Our students deserve a nice place to go to school that they can be proud of. We have needed these changes for way too long, get in the game. Go HORNETS!!"

Tom House: "Our community has been supportive of its young people and of the school district, and our school district has faced economic hardships by being very fiscally frugal. We have not made major updates in our buildings since 1995 while all of the neighboring district have done so one or more times. Our buildings have served us well, but they are in dire need of repairs and of major updates. We need to step up now to make our schools and our community safe and sound for the future of our students."

Lindsay Heber: "We have a great community and even better teacher and students. This would make our schools even better and they deserve it!"

Lisa Cooper: "Our students and staff deserve to learn and work in an environment that is safe. Let's show our kids how much we all care!"

Kim Wynne: "It is time. Our children...our community...deserve this."

Ginny Krawczynski: "We care about our students as part of our community. They deserve every opportunity to learn and grow into the caretakers of tomorrow's communities."

Amanda Harton: "Each child deserves to have a safe and updated facility!"

Heather Jensen: "This is a great opportunity for the students of Harrison Community Schools. They are our future! It is important to give them the tools they need to learn in a safe environment!

Susan Morse: "These students are the future and deserve the best start we can provide."

Iris Cole: "Our children are our future and they need a safe environment and the proper tools to succeed. Their future is my reason for being In!"

Kay Brandt: "Updating our facilities and making them safe only makes sense. Our children are our future, so doing this is a plus for everyone."

Joel Woolston: "This is a great opportunity to support our kids."

Chadwick Heber: "Harrison is a great community and we deserve the upgrade to our school district."

Lauren Heath: "Exciting news! See you May 2nd. These kids need and deserve a great place to learn!"

Hope Young: "We are willing and able to help in any way to make HCS schools safe, modern and efficient. A lot of families make a conscious CHOICE to stay here and raise our children in this wonderful community. They deserve everything we can give them!"

Dan Durga: "With four kids in the school system, I think it is crucial for the district to keep pace with safety and technology in order to serve the community."

Benjamen Good: "The proposed updates will accomplish the desired goals."

Tara Williams: "I did not go to Harrison Schools but my husband did and now my children do. This needs to go through for not just my children but eventually their children. These schools have been holding up by band-aids and May 2nd is the time to stop the band-aids and make some solid movements towards the learning environments these children endure everyday as well as ensuring their safety. We are proud supporters of these improvements."

Marcia Haley: "Harrison students deserve standard learning conditions: roofs, walls, safe entrances, new construction, etc. The community will have pride when it passes. Please vote because Harrison students deserve a good education."

Cathy House: "I love all of the new updates in our town and hope our schools can be a part of it!"

Trisha Heintz: "I hope these plans for our schools are implemented. It's very important to learn and work in a safe environment!"

Tammy Harcourt: "Our students and staff are very deserving of updated schools and learning environments! Our buildings are not functional for the needs of students. Let's make this happen! #hornetnationproud"

Heather Vereb: "Harrison is a great school. Both students and staff would benefit greatly from updates to school and technology.

Alisa Winters: "These updates would help make our students even more successful! They are much needed and will benefit so many for years and years to come."

George Gallo: "This will be a very deserving upgrade for our students. This will help keep them safe and secure while providing them with a great learning environment so we can give them the education they deserve. I'm proud to be a part of this, it's long overdue. Let's STEP UP for our STUDENTS Hornet nation!!! See you on MAY 2nd!!!"

Lauren Boulton: "Harrison Community Schools are full of incredible students and staff - they need the space and safety to thrive. Looking forward to seeing these updates!"

Lorie Hewitt: "Our students deserve a safe place to learn."

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