A Positive Educational Environment

It starts with the walls. For the first time in more than four decades, Harrison students will work in modern-yet-traditional classrooms, doing away with the Open Concept for good. Beyond that, our school should offer students the chance to perform in safe, up-to-date environments, whether it’s the classroom, the playing field or the stage, and the issues we face on that front can no longer be ignored.

•High School - Walls constructed in the Open Concept areas
•High School - Renovation of 250-seat auditorium
•Middle School - Classrooms with walls between classrooms extended to roof deck
•Athletic Field - Track repair and surface replacement
•Athletic Field - Team Room and Toilets replaced
•Larson Elementary - Walls constructed in the Open Concept areas
•Larson Elementary - Construction of addition to house grades three through five, creating a K–5 building
•Hillside Elementary - Electrical updates to add more classroom outlets
•Hillside Elementary - Gym floor repaired and replaced