The vote is done, but the work is just beginning. The StepUp committee is grateful to all who helped make yesterday's bond proposal passage possible. Below is a statement from HCS Superintendent Rick Foote:

“We are excited by the potential for Harrison students made possible today by the voters in our district, and we’re grateful that those voters understood how important it is to make the dramatic changes that will follow on the HCS campus in the months and years to come. The students of today and tomorrow will benefit from improved facilities that are safe, secure and offer the opportunity to learn in a suitable environment. The students of yesterday – many of whom worked very, very hard these past several weeks to ensure an informed electorate – will benefit knowing their labors produced this result for the school they love. And Harrison as a whole will benefit from stronger schools, which go hand in hand with strong communities.

We also want to assure our stakeholders of our eagerness to continue the positive, impactful dialogue that helps make good schools great. With the assurance of financial stability to take care of our facilities, we can now go about the business of making those improvements while re-dedicating ourselves to our mission of making sure that when our kids graduate, they’re completely prepared for the next step on their respective journeys. Both directly and indirectly, in many different ways, the passage of this bond proposal gives all our kids the opportunity for a bright and prosperous future.”